Tremco Applications with PUMA Waterproofing Technology

Let’s talk about PUMA Technology. 
Polyurethane-methacrylate or PUMA technology provides superior elongation over traditional MMA/PMMA technology systems. These rapid curing systems feature extreme durability, fast cure independent of low temperature, crack bridging, tenacious adhesion and superior abrasion resistance.

Crack bridging you commonly see.

Tremco offers two systems with this flexible methacrylate waterproofing: Vulkem® EWS Traffic Coating System and TREMproof® PUMA Waterproofing System.

Let’s take a look at each of these systems and the common areas where you would see these systems being applied.



Vulkem EWS Traffic Coating Applications – Rapid turn around, high-performance coatings with tenacious adhesion and extreme abrasion resistance.

Pedestrian Systems – Stadiums, balconies and pool decks

Pedestrian Application

Vehicular Systems – Parking structures, high-wear turn and drive lanes, helical ramps and ticket spitters

Heavy Duty System – Parking structures affected by snow dump plows, dumpster areas and loading docks

Helipad System – Durable solution with custom color options

Helipad Application

Under Tile System – Tile, pavers and bonded overburden

Water Features System – Fountains, pools, splash pads and decorative water features

TREMproof® PUMA Below-Grade Waterproofing Coating Applications – Premium systems for waterproofing concrete and protecting occupied space from water damage.

Horizontal Waterproofing System – Split slab, paver systems, planters and vegetated roofs

Asphalt Overlay – Parking structures

Horizontal Application


Vulkem EWS and TREMproof PUMA are compatible with Tremco sealants and coatings.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Our all-inclusive warranties provide confidence that your project’s systems are backed by a company with more than 85 years’ experience, success and proven performance in the industry. Tremco warranties are available to include seamless connections to adjacent building envelope components to create single-source, warranted, tested systems.

Download the complete PUMA brochure or schedule a training with your local Tremco sales representative.

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