Are Manufacturers’ Reps Helping to Keep Your Company Masters Current?

In today’s construction environment, architects and specifiers face the challenge of keeping up-to-date on an ever-increasing array of building products, materials, equipment and expanding standards.  Building design and performance standards are extremely complex and continue to become more and more demanding.  Building products and processes are becoming more complex and sophisticated in response.  Keeping up with the never-ending influx of new information and what may meet requirements while being appropriate, acceptable and feasible for a project is daunting.  In addition, the time allowed for the design and preparation of construction documents decreases as the construction process is pushed to start earlier and earlier.

What is learned in the classroom and what is practiced in reality is diverging as the products and materials that are employed to construct a building are becoming more intricate, more unique, and more specific for individual applications.  Yet architects/specifiers are the expert source for everything that needs to be known about products, materials and so much more.  So how are companies closing that knowledge gap?

Fees for professional services don’t accommodate the time required for product research.  How often do you update company masters or do you rely on ARCOM or BSD to provide industry updates?  Do you use manufacturer’s guide specs for project preparation?   Are you finding sufficient technical support from manufacturers, both in person and from websites?

At Tremco, we provide a review of existing guide specifications for design firms for the systems we manufacture.  Our review process starts in PART 1 GENERAL.   What do your current specifications require for coordination with other sections, industry reference (ASTM standards), pre-construction meetings, mock-ups, third-party validation for adhesion and compatibility and participation by manufacturers’ technical representative for on-site review of conditions?

We are committed to providing a resource that can be used for current projects, with the opportunity to add competitive systems based on project requirements, and/or to provide information to copy and paste into existing company masters.  What other ways can we be helping to provide specification assistance?  How do you want or gather information?  Because we provide such a broad array of building enclosure products and systems and put them to the test every day in our sustainable building solutions test facility, we can be an extension of your design and specification team and share our building science knowledge and testing capabilities with you.

Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing is updating our website to include guide specifications for:

Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems:  Bentonite Systems, Cold Fluid-Applied Systems and Hot Rubberized Asphalt Systems

Traffic Coatings: Pedestrian Systems, Vehicular Systems and Mechanical Room Systems

Joint Sealants: Silicone, Urethane and Specialty Sealants for vertical and horizontal applications

Glazing Systems: Silicone Sealants and Gaskets

Air Barrier Systems: Sheet-Applied & Fluid-Applied Systems, Permeable & Impermeable

Engineered Transition Assemblies:  High-performance connections for high-performance buildings.

In today’s world, are “lunch and learns” enough?  We think they are just the start.  Let us know how we can help meet the growing need for information, specification assistance and tested solutions.

Edward J. Retzbach, CSI, CDT, LEED AP BD+C
Project Development Manager, North America
Cell:  609-636-4162
Office:  800-551-3949

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