Month: January 2015

Fact or Fiction? Peel-and-Stick Membranes and Tapes are Effective Transitions

FICTION.  Peel-and-stick membranes and tapes are designed to be adhered to sound structural surfaces (non-moving). The material application requirements clearly state to not bridge across gaps and voids.  Using them at transitions in moving joints is counter to how they were designed to be used. Peel-and-stick membranes and tapes are commonly used as a rough….


Managing Connections: Window-to-Wall

Connections throughout the building enclosure are key to the longevity of the structure and its structural components, energy consumption, indoor air quality and maintenance.   While there are many connections which are critical, window-to-wall connections are where most problems occur.  Just one small gap can lead to air and moisture infiltration. During construction, on-site conditions can….