Tremco for Your Building Envelope Solutions

Tremco has developed the most com­prehensive building envelope protection in the industry.

Different projects, different solutions

BBT Ballpark: Charlotte, NC. Products used: TREMproof® 6100, ExoAir® 120, ExoAir 110, Spectrem 1, Vulkem® 350NF, Dymeric® 240FC

At Tremco, we understand that no two projects are exactly the same. That’s why we’ve created a full range of weatherproofing technologies and chemistries to meet any combination of design, performance and budget requirements.  From the foundation to the roof, we offer complete, compatible, tested systems including solutions for your building’s most critical connections.

With Tremco, you get single-source accountability plus comprehensive warranties and knowledgeable Tremco technical experts in most major markets across the US and Canada. Tremco has built a reputation for developing better ways to get the job done.

Take a look at some of our latest solutions:

Air Barrier Systems – Continuity. Compatibility. Long-Term Performance.

ExoAir 110AT (all-temperature) – Designed to be installed when both the air and surface temperature are 20 °F (-6 °C) and rising.

ExoAir 111 – Designed to be installed when both the air and surface temperature are 10 °F (-12 °C) and rising.

Glazing Systems – You’re not in the business of guessing. And neither are we.

Spectrem Simple Seal – Ultra-low modulus, preformed silicone extrusion specifically designed to have high elongation properties.

Traffic Coating Systems – Comprehensive, Compatible Single-Source Solutions.

Vulkem EWS – Designed to have tenacious adhesion and extreme abrasion resistance.

Vulkem OC810 – High-solids, aliphatic urethane membrane designed to be applied in one coat as a waterproofing system.

Below-Grade Waterproofing & Drainage Systems – Protection. Durability. Advanced Technology.

TREMproof 250GC – Rapid-curing, high-solids, VOC compliant modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane that can be applied to damp and green concrete.

TREMproof PUMA – Cold-applied, waterproofing system that utilizes polyurethane-methacrylate (PUMA) technology which offers superior elongation.

Exterior Sealants – High-Performance in Any Application.

Dymonic 100 – Durable, flexible sealant that offers excellent performance in moving joints and exhibits tenacious adhesion once fully cured.

Firestopping Solutions – Comprehensive Solutions. Professional Engineering Support. On-Site Assistance.

TREMstop IA+ – Single-component, water-based, firestop sealant that will expand to fill the voids left when combustible materials burn and deteriorate in a fire.

OEM Industrial Products – Superior Solutions Backed by a Century of Experience.

TremPro Product Line

Transition Systems – Maximize Control of Movement & Wind Loading Stresses.

Proglaze ETA – Provide a long-term durable flexible connection between the window or wall system and adjacent air and vapor barrier materials.

Vegetated Roof Systems – Storm Water Retention. Increased Energy Efficiency. Reduced Facility Operational Costs.

VR Lite – Thin, lightweight, extensive built-up system that is ideal for the growth of sedum plantings that require 2” to 4” growing media depth.

VR UltraLite -Extensive, extra lightweight built-up system and the lightest of Tremco’s VR pre-vegetated green roof systems.

VR Mod – Known as an “instant vegetated roof,” this system is a pre-vegetated, hybrid, modular system in which the plants are grown in 4” growing media depth prior to roof installation.

VR Max – Intensive and semi-intensive vegetated roofs that will support virtually any rooftop landscape that requires 4” + of growth media depth.

VR HydraMax – Customized for either extensive or intensive configurations.

If you have any questions on any of the above products, please reach out to your local Tremco Sales Representative.

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