Metal Decks in Construction: Tremco’s Vegetated Roof Options

Vegetated Roofs (VR’s) are perfectly suitable when designed properly over these types of substrates.  On a Western Canadian project in Vancouver, a VR Max green roof system was successfully used.  An appropriate thickness and fastened gypsum board was mechanically fastened, the joints reinforced and waterproofed by a thick 215-mil TREMproof® 6100 hot-applied system with a root barrier embedded directly in it, followed by 60 psi extruded insulation, air layer, reservoir chamber, filter fabric, lightweight growing media and specific native grasses planted compatible with the climatic conditions.

Tremco offers a variety of VR’s starting with the extensive VR Lite, VR Mod in trays, intensive and semi-intensive VR Max and VR HydraMax with crushed aggregate.

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