Metal Decks are more prevalent than what you think…

Vegetated Roofs (VR’s) are perfectly suitable when designed properly over these types of substrates.  On a Western Canadian project in Vancouver, a VR Max green roof system was successfully used.  An appropriate thickness and fastened gypsum board was mechanically fastened, the joints reinforced and waterproofed by a thick 215-mil TREMproof® 6100 hot-applied system with a root barrier embedded directly….

Naval Hospital - Camp Pendleton, California

Helping to solve problems for USACE construction projects

Scottie Stinson, Bob Ochs and Brian Stroik from Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing presented at the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) training seminar at the Elkhorn Conference Center located at Fort Carson, Colorado.  The audience included over 40 representatives from USACE districts nationwide who are responsible for design reviews and performing daily quality assurance inspections….

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Tremco works to provide Stucco Walls for tomorrow’s building world.

The Tremco Sustainable Building Solutions Test Facility is currently busy assisting the Stucco Industry with testing various walls. The team recently completed phase 1 water-testing of eight stucco wall assemblies constructed to investigate performances of two different weather-resistant barriers in four different stucco wall constructions. These wall assemblies featured weather-resistant barriers of Grade-D building paper and Tremco’s….

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“Making Smart Connections” in Commercial Construction

The phrase “Making Smart Connections” can mean a lot of different things, but in the context of constructing a commercial building, it is mostly about connections that involve people and/or the building components that make up the structure. Either way you look at it, making smart connections is key to a successful outcome. Environment also….

Poirier3 - USACE presentation

Designing high-performance buildings requires redefining the team and air barrier system requirements

When designing for healthcare, it is mandatory to design the most robust facility possible to manage air and moisture vapor infiltration.   A high-performance, sustainable building is dependent on a high-performance building envelope.  Achieving an integrated, high-performance building envelope, however, can be fraught with problems as the number of trades and products expands. The integrity of….


Tremco Solutions for Parkland Hospital in Dallas

Tremco’s Proglaze ETA Engineered Transition Assembly was able to span the gap needed to accomodate the combined thicknesses of the continuous board insulation and limestone veneer to assure continuous, compatible performance between adjoining assemblies. The objective was to create a healthcare facility with a 50+ year lifespan to serve generations to come. The integrity of….

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Architectural design and engineering complexity demand total glazing solutions

Glazing systems able to accommodate multi-directional movement of +/-5% in each direction.  Joints that appear to disappear.   Engineered solutions for connecting glazing systems to the opaque wall and air barrier.   All backed by performance warranties.  Sound pretty impossible? Essential to meeting the demands of today’s complex architecture and design is the need for Total Glazing….